How It Works

ICOVISIONS is a crowdfunding agency for blockchain projects catering to investors. ICOVISIONS establishes a deal with the Leadership of the company of interest. ICOVISIONS provides a Smart Contract link in our Telegram community and primary ICOVISIONS Discord channel. ICO Investors go through the Smart Contract process and allocate the necessary Ethereum until the required funds are raised. ICOVISIONS transfers the total funds providing the Etherscan transaction link to the community. When the tokens are unlocked, they will be automatically transferred to your wallet.


Join and participate in ICOVISIONS public Telegram group. Select members will be invited to ICOVISIONS exclusive Discord Community.


Apply for membership to ICOVISIONS Discord community. Qualified applicants will be granted access.


Complete pledge form with care to secure access to each private presale pool. Contribution must be equal to what you have pledged.


Fulfill your pledge through ICOVISIONS safe and transparent smart contract.


Presale ends and your purchased tokens plus bonuses are allotted to your designated wallet.


Withdraw your discounted purchased tokens after the locked-in period and continue engaging with ICOVISIONS community until the next Presale!


ICOVISIONS is a crowdfunding agency for blockchain projects catering to investors.

Members of ICOVISIONS exclusive community receive unprecedented opportunities to join vetted early private presale pools allowing for maximum ROI.

Benefits of ICOVISIONS include:

  • Interact with the CEO & Management team of each ICO Presale through chats, live streams, webinars and podcasts
  • Profit from exclusive bonuses and discounts (up to 60%)
  • Limit last-minute rush and gas wars
  • Chat and learn about ICOs in our private community
  • Engage with highly experienced Crypto leaders and influencers
  • Pool with over 2,000 ICOVISIONS members

Our Team

Brian Y

Brian Y


10+ years business owner with 2 highly successful businesses and 2 upcoming projects. Early investor of Crypto.

JM Crypto

JM Crypto


Blockchain early adopter since 2015. Business development strategist and serial entrepreneur with 2 successful online educational software company exits.




Digital business strategist & e-commerce entrepreneur. Internet industry veteran. Two years of Crypto experience.

Alex Masters Lecky

Alex Masters Lecky

Marketing executive and Crypto industry. influencer. Founder and content creator at




ICO analyst, trader and content creator.




ICO analyst, trader and content creator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we trust you?

As an introduction to our ICOVISIONS community, we encourage you to hang around for a little while to observe the group. If there are any deals you find exciting, consider investing a minimum to test the waters. We will never pressure you to invest, it is completely up to you.

Is there a minimum or maximum contribution?

ICOVISIONS requires 0.5 ETH for minimum individual contribution per private presale pool, and approximately 15 ETH to 25 ETH for maximum individual contribution. Maximum per individual contribution may vary upon the overall maximum allocation for the pool.

When will the tokens be received?

Visit the ICO company’s website or to reach out to the company’s admins directly for specific release dates for each token. The release date depends upon the completion of the ICO and their respective token release date. The tokens will be distributed the day the company sends out the tokens. ICOVISIONS has no influence nor control over the release dates.

Where can I see upcoming ICOs?

All upcoming ICOs are searchable within our pinned message and announcements channel. All of ICOVISIONS past ICOs including relevant details such as Etherscan transaction links within our master spreadsheet which will be available in our Announcements channel. Navigation will be either through scrolling or the search function made available to type in the phrase “transparency is key”.

Is there a fee for each private presale pool?

We charge a 1% fee to professionally run our private presale pools and to reinvest in the longevity of ICOVISIONS.

Why is ICOVISIONS the Number 1 growing pool group?

ICOVISIONS stands above the rest. ICOs can realize their dream while our community invests in the best possible projects. This is a win-win for all involved. We bring together ICOs, crypto investors, experienced researchers, influencers and community leaders for the elevation of the Crypto community.

Current Updates

All updates...

ICOVISIONS Podcast Ep. 010 – Part 4 – Smartblock Law

July 27, 2018 Website: Date of Recording: June 08, 2018 SMARTBLOCK LAW Podcast Part 4 Summary: blockchain and cryptocurrency litigation; regulatory climate for blockchain businesses in general; live issues arising from example business models.

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