ICO Review: Worldopoly

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April 20, 2018

Technological advancement has brought us many wonderful things and enhanced all aspects of our lives; a notable example being none other than entertainment. The 21st century has given us immensely powerful computers able to process games, making our entire entertainment experience interactive.

Now, Worldopoly is bringing gaming to an entirely unprecedented level.

What is Worldopoly?

Worldopoly is an ERC20-based blockchain gaming project, the first of its kind. It aims to build a real-world simulator that uses its own cryptocurrency as in-game money. Through Worldopoly, people will earn real money if they do well in the game. Worldopoly is a multiplayer game using geolocation, meaning it takes place in the “real” (Google maps-based) world.

Challenges for Worldopoly

This project, without a doubt, sounds like a novel endeavor. But behind every successful project, there lies a catch, a problem that needs to be solved. The biggest opportunity Worldopoly has is their position as market leader (zero competition). That said, it’s also their biggest challenge. Adoption will invariably be a concern, as they are creating an entirely new gaming genre. Fortunately, their team has opted to use 55% of the ICO funds for marketing purposes, so we can see that they are serious about tackling this problem right away. If the adoption issue is defeated, gamers will create a strong community around and proliferate its success.

Worldopoly ICO and Token Economics

Worldopoly has its ICO divided into three stages:

  • Private sale (25–30% bonus) 26th of Feb — 22nd of April
  • Pre-ICO (20–15–10% bonus) 23rd of April — 22nd of May
  • Public sale (5% bonus, only for the first 20% of the token sale) 25th of May- 21st of June

This ICO requires both KYC and being whitelisted, and excludes USA, China and North Korea from the ICO.

A total of 150,000,000 out of 200,000,000 tokens will be available for sale.

Final Word

The Worldopoly team has showed true capability in their ICO formation, dedicating such a substantial percentage of funds towards marketing, realizing the adoption issue as their biggest challenge. The ICO itself is structured well, without overly-large bonuses in the pre and public sales.

Website: https://worldopoly.io/

Whitepaper: https://worldopoly.io/resource/pdf/Worldopoly-Whitepaper-ICO.pdf

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