ICOVISIONS Podcast Ep. 003 – Aitheon

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April 10, 2018


Aitheon, helping to automate businesses on a simple, single platform by integrating AI and Robotics in a user-friendly way.

Guest: Gerrit Chrysler, Analyst for Aitheon

Website: https://aitheon.com/

Token symbol: AIC

Token name: Aitheon tokensPartners: Amazon, United Nations, Nvidia, Carsmartt, etc.Blockchain: Ethereum Erc- 20 ( Community decision later in roadmap to become native Blockchain or not )

Phrase: “ Pursue your passion, Let us handle the rest. “

Concept: Aitheon intends to use AI and robotics to automate backend processes that are time-consuming for businesses on a single, simple platform. Aitheon’s Miners will be Specialists/Pilots” on computers to assist the robotics with tasks that they encounter. Depending on difficulty of tasks will reward the Miners with tokens for completing the task. Specialist for example will overlook papers that can’t be interpreted or a phone call with a heavy accent that may be hard to understand. Pilots, for example would assist in parking autodriving vehicles. These are few of the many tasks that will be allowed by specialists and pilots with our training. We also have a Creators program that enables creators worldwide to use our system to help develop new robotics and AI with assistance.

Project Revenue: Digitbot Service revenue – Aitheon charges organizations a monthly subscription fee for their desired service

Aitheon Specialist/Pilot Program revenue- Aitheon Specialist will earn tokens on system for services performed. Specialist will pay a small service charge for their payment to be processed
Robotics rentals- Aitheon will produce profits by leasing of robotics and devices, these leases will be based on life expectancy of the product and require insurance.

Aitheon Specialized AI Development Program revenue- Development of AI for specialized companies whose use case is too small or specialized for large scale adoption. Aitheon will partner with any AI and robotics company where there is a large benefit to the community and ecosystem. We welcome and seek cooperation with existing companies to create a better ecosystem.

Competition: Major corporations are investing heavily in AI. According to Bloomberg, in July 2017 Toyota has spent $100 million on AI and Robotics and TechWorld.com states 11 tech giants are heavily investing in their own specialized AI programs. The majority of these AI Teams are built to increase profits for these large corporations shareholders. Aitheon is an innovator to the market, we are making AI available to all people and businesses. The fourth industrial revolution is being led by Aitheon. Aitheon will not only sell its own software, hardware, robotics, and AI Solutions; Aitheon will also serve as a marketplace for all AI, Robotics, Control software, and control hardware from all companies and competitors.

Country: Established in Estonia, also has a business office based out of Las Vegas, Nevada

Token Utility/Function: Businesses will use AI and robotics to automate their traditional backend business processes that are time consuming. The robotics and AI will need assistance/supervision by humans while completing tasks. If a robot becomes stuck on an issue or need supervision, the robot will send the information to a Specialist/Pilot (Miners). The Specialist/Pilots (Miners)will then interpret the piece of document or manually assist to complete the task and be rewarded AIC tokens upon completion.

Depending on the difficulty of the task is dependent on how many tokens will be awarded.

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