Uncloak’s Next-Generation Cybersecurity Platform

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June 14, 2018

The internet’s unstoppable growth has disrupted all aspects of life, yet cybercrime has taken equal strides.

Now set to hit $170 billion by 2020, the cybersecurity industry has evolved into a global attempt to contain and quell methodological hacking threats.

While private and public cybersecurity organizations have worked to fight an inordinate number of security breaches, their failings have resulted in catastrophic losses in data and funds — with $174 billion stolen by hackers in 2017 alone.

The reactive style of current cybersecurity cannot anticipate the hacker’s actions — and businesses have little choice but to employ highly skilled, costly IT consultants to repel and remediate threats.

In contrast, Uncloak’s blockchain-based cybersecurity platform is an engineered solution — offering an affordable, proactive tool to keep business one step ahead of the hacker.

What is Uncloak?

The winner’s of Ian Balina’s ICO Hot Pitch World Tour in London, Uncloak has built a scalable blockchain-based technology allowing businesses of all size to track, monitor and protect themselves against scams, hacks, frauds, and cyber threats of all description.

Complete with vulnerability scanner, artificially-intelligent threat detection engine, and fully-automated bug bounty, Uncloak is an end-to-end solution that constantly monitors and preemptively alerts businesses of incoming threats.

Powered by EOS, Uncloak combines blockchain and AI technologies to offer secure, decentralized architecture that can swiftly and accurately identify threats.

Why Blockchain?

Unlike centralized cybersecurity solutions, Uncloak’s blockchain technology incentivizes participants to seek and solve pending threats. This is the basis of the automated bug bounty system — which allows verified IT security experts to collectively tackle and resolve cyber threat vulnerabilities. Such a global effort makes the process of discovering security issues significantly faster, cheaper and more effective — while reducing labor costs and administration for businesses that employ the Uncloak solution.

Uncloak’s choice of EOS — a high-speed, highly secure Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain — can provide a robust framework for their next-generation cybersecurity platform.

Why AI?

In order to monitor both the public internet and ‘darknet’ for cybercrime, Uncloak has partnered with state of the art AI software developers.

In this way, Uncloak’s ‘Zero Hour’ leverages the power of AI to ensure all threats are constantly exposed and assessed, nullifying the nefarious black market where hackers buy and sell vulnerabilities.

Who’s behind Uncloak?

UK-based Uncloak is the brainchild of Tayo Dada — a cybersecurity expert with 20 years of experience in the field, currently managing director of London’s Managed IT Services consulting firm.

The remainder of the 13 team members offer a well-rounded mixture of cybersecurity, business & marketing, and blockchain experience, such as the latest addition to the team, Strategic Advisor Dr. Asad Mahmood — a cryptocurrency investor, advisor, blockchain and Watson AI developer at IBM.

In addition to its highly capable team, Uncloak may benefit from a series of strategic partnerships it has secured, including Adecco — the world’s largest HR firm that provides cybersecurity solutions. SelfKey will also be utilizing the services of Uncloak, who will conduct regular security audits on the SelfKey Identity Wallet.

Last Thoughts

The proposition of a blockchain & AI-based cybersecurity system is vast, yet the very concept is immaculate — lending the broken cybersecurity industry the tools it needs to perpetually outsmart hackers. Uncloak’s Q4 2018 alpha launch will be an event anticipated by many, including their growing web of partners and businesses intending to leverage their next generation cybersecurity solution.

A demo of the Uncloak vulnerability scanner can be found at https://demo.uncloak.io.

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