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May 20, 2018

Market Timing

After a long bear market, bulls are starting to get strong. With it, market conditions are met for people that made some gains recently to start diversifying. One of the ways for them to diversify their portfolio is, of course, ICOs. And what better way to invest into ICOs – but after a good analysis, as early as possible and with the bonus of an institutional investor.


This is what ICOVISIONS is trying to provide to the common investor: a place to invest with the best possible terms. That is why this pooling group was created.

With many analysts, ICO opportunities do not pass unnoticed. The community is also helping with ICO analysis requests. Investors will have the opportunity to see each and every one of our projects analyzed and are worth taking a look into via our spreadsheet.

ICOVISIONS is also offering podcasts on ICOs and the cryptocurrency landscape. The ICO itself is often discussed in the podcast with the Founder or any other influential person, meaning that everything is taken into consideration prior to investing. What these podcasts also offer is a better insight on the projects for the community itself. This means that information about legal processes, accounting and other data that an investor will rarely come across, will get access to.

This creates a situation where our community is highly informed and able to make better educated decisions while having far better deals on the ICOs they are interested in.

Multiple ICOs that passed the analysis are being contacted, and only after a deal is made, the pooling begins.


Not many people are familiar with the term “pooling” in terms of investing. ICOVISIONS facilitates pooling via:

  1. Analyzing ICOs;
  2. Those that have passed the analysis get contacted for a podcast and are contacted for pooling if everything goes well  and they pass our analysts’ criteria;
  3. If the deal is made, the pooling starts (a crowdfunding via ICOVISIONS platform for the ICO project itself, so all the investors get the benefit of one major investor. It is usually done during the private sale, which is usually inaccessible to regular investors.

ICOVISIONS has approached (and is being approached by) many ICOs, and is planning on being active, with several ICOs a week. Our pooling allocation is also increasing drastically, making the project worth taking a look at!

The effort that ICOVISIONS is putting in towards creating favourable opportunities for the investors did not go unnoticed, which is reflected in the community is growing rapidly. And the bigger the community, the better the deals we can put on the table!

Join Us!

For the people who want to join, but are uncertain about the credibility of the project or want to have a deeper look, our social media are always available. This includes:

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